Dunkley Lumber Partnership

Partnership in Forestry Operations

The regular forestry operations within the CNC Research Forest are dependent on the long-term partnership with Dunkley Lumber Ltd., a local forest company, who have offered support and operational expertise since the inception of the Research Forest.

CNC and the CNC Research Forest Society are grateful for the tremendous efforts of Dunkley Lumber in managing the epidemic spruce beetle outbreak with CNC, along with their continued support and contributions to CNC’s ongoing natural resource research and innovation.

Dunkley Lumber is recognized for quality forest practices and innovation in forest management and lumber milling. Dunkley Lumber is a family-owned sawmill located roughly 80 kilometers south of Prince George, near the small community of Hixon. The mill has a capacity of over 500 million board feet of lumber annually. Dunkley is one of the largest sawmills in North America, processing predominantly SPF (white spruce, lodgepole pine, and subalpine fir) along with Douglas-fir. A long-standing commitment to modernization and efficiency has allowed Dunkley to maintain a strong position in British Columbia’s forest industry.

Globally Recognized Partnership

CNC is very pleased with the ongoing accomplishments of the Dunkley partnership, including the North American silver medal at the 2016 international Global Best Awards, recognizing unique partnerships between business and education which serves to boost learning and employability through collaboration.

Read more: "International panel awards CNC silver medal," Prince George Citizen. September, 2016.

Partnership in Certified Sustainable Forest Management

Dunkley Lumber continues to strive for certified, sustainable forestry operations, including those within the CNC Research Forest. In 2015-16, the CNC Research Forest operations were audited, along with other Dunkley Lumber operations for re-registration under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative’s (SFI) Forest Management Standard. The audit found that Dunkley Lumber is implementing all the requirements of the SFI 2015-2019 Forest Management and SFI Fiber Sourcing Standards. This builds upon the continuing legacy of a strong and successful partnership between Dunkley Lumber and CNC in achieving the intended mandates of the Research Forest.

The following link connects to the certification page on Dunkley Lumber’s website: Forest Management Certification