Microsoft Teams

All CNC Employees and Students have access to Microsoft Teams through the CNC Account.

Teams is a real time communication and collaboration product that allows groups of people to work together remotely leveraging a number of features:

  • Instant Messaging
  • Voice Calling/Conferencing
  • Video Calling/Conferencing
  • Document / Content Sharing and Editing

Along with a host of other features and functionality that are constantly evolving and improving.

Before continuing...

There is one important caveat to consider before using teams.

Our current implementation Microsoft Teams is in a grey area when consulting the Canadian Privacy Act.

Users should not share any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in instant messaging chat while using Microsoft Teams. All other information is stored on Canadian servers, but instant messaging messages may be stored on US servers.

Due to the nature of the current world environment, we are moving forward with provisioning access to the CNC Community to ensure safe work and school environments for our client base.

Accessing Teams

Microsoft Teams can be accessed a number of different ways; via website, desktop application, or apps on your phone.

To access MS Teams from your PC - visit the link below:

Or on your mobile device:

Google Play           Apple Store

Using Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has an excellent support portal that will get you up in running with Teams in less then 10 minutes. Review these links to ensure your success in using the platform to work effectively.