Working from home during the COVID-19 crisis

Follow these security, privacy, and productivity best practices for working from home during as we all work together to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Carefully read the Security and Privacy while working from home best practices, and then the staying in contact suggestions to maintain productivity and communication lines while working from home.

Security and Privacy when working from home

When working from home you must be additionally vigilant in ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of sensitive materials.

Some guidelines are as follows:

☑     Keep your computer away from other household members so that information is not visible.

☑     Take work related calls and meetings where conversations cannot be overheard - use a headset whenever possible.

☑     Work 100% electronically, do not print out materials.

☑     Lock your computer screen when leaving your computer.

☑     Do not share your passwords / pins with anyone for any reason.

☑     Keep your equipment safe: do not leave laptops etc. unattended in a car, public space, or if you have company.

☑     Only transmit information through approved means, following Canadian privacy standards.

If you are unable to meet these criteria, please speak with your manager to discuss possible solutions.

Staying in contact when working from home

Please remember, working from home is still working. You will be required to be available to your peers and leadership as required by your manager.

Methods for staying in contact:

  • Use electronic communications and collaboration platforms that are available to all CNC employees:
  • Use video whenever possible while communicating electronically. An important part of communication occurs through physical mannerisms.
  • Keep documents stored on Microsoft OneDrive or CNC MyFiles to ensure they are secured and backed up.

Make sure you have a clear understanding of your leaderships expectations while working from home. Keep your calendar, manager, and team up to date.

Tips & Daily Routines:

  • Check your emails regularly, and respond in a timely fashion.
  • Check in with your manager and team through normal methods - email, instant messaging, online meetings etc.