Working Remotely: Resources for Faculty, Students, and Staff

There may be circumstances that require faculty, students, or staff to access CNC services from offsite locations. Use the resources on this page to facilitate accessing common tools.

CNC Employees are encouraged to use their personal devices where possible to facilitate working from home. There is a very limited supply of CNC Equipment available which will be deployed based on the needs of the individual and the work that needs to be performed.

Please work with your manager to determine the best course of action for your role.

Services available remotely

How to successfully work from home

Follow these steps to be able to successfully gain permission and the correct tools to work from home:

  1. Gain permission from your manager to work remotely
  2. Determine (with your manager) what tools (above) you need to work from home
    • Most productivity applications can be accessed from any location with internet access
    • Colleague, Easy R, ImageNow, Informer, InfoSilem, Instructor DB, NHA Cerner Train, and Robinson ISP all require VM Ware Horizon (see article below)
  3. Familiarize yourself with the content of this site
  4. Have your manager contact Helpdesk ( on your behalf with your request and what type of access you require

Incomplete requests may cause delays in provisioning of access to work from home.

Applications that require Horizon Access:

If your application isn't listed below - you may require horizon support. Please follow this link for more information on gaining access:


Access to horizon will only be given out on an as needed basis as there are a limited number of connections possible.

The following is a list of applications that may qualify you for VMWare Horizon Access.

NHA Cerner Train
Easy R
Robinson ISP
Image Now
Instructor DB