This page outlines response time targets users can expect in relation to ITS (Information Technology Services) and communication incidents that are logged through the ITS Help Desk. A response time clock commences when a call is logged on our Help Desk support system. At this point the details of the incident or service are entered into the system.

When an incident or service request is logged as a call by IT Service Desk, it is allocated a unique reference number and assigned a priority. This priority is used by ITS to plan and allocate its finite resources. The priority of an incident or service request is assigned by the Service Desk as determined by its impact and urgency.

ITS prioritizes all issues by analyzing the campus impact and the customer urgency. Resolution times described below are targets and may vary based on current demand especially during peak times such as beginning of semesters. Targeted resolution times are also based on onsite availability. ITS will do what it can when addressing regional campus issues in a timely manner in co-ordination with the local technology representatives.

Critical Priority

Emergency. Needs to be resolved as soon as possible. Major impact on more than one person or VIP.

Initial Response Target Within Business Hours***: 30 minutes

Resolution Target**: 3 Hours (Immediate & sustained action using all available resources until resolved)


  • Network or Server Issues (effecting multiple user, ex. 50 users)
  • Reputation of College may be effected
  • Executive Person(s)/President Issues
  • Maintenance to avoid imminent failure
  • Critical service data integrity issues
  • Critical Business functions
  • Server down
  • Phone system down
  • Email down
  • Web Server down

Important Priority

System or component is down, requestor cannot carry out normal work responsibilities and no alternative is available.

Initial Response Target Within Business Hours***: Within 4 hours

Resolution Target**: 72 Hours (Immediate response and staff action interrupting lower priority jobs until resolved)


  • Unable to log into Network (single user)
  • Unable to log into account (single user)
  • Database/Server/Application Access Incident
  • Classroom Down (current class impacted)
  • Computer not booting up
  • User data integrity issue
  • Printing issues effecting multiple users
  • Required software/hardware update

Standard Priority

System or component is down or degraded, but requestor can carry out normal work responsibilities and/or temporary alternative is available.

Initial Response Target Within Business Hours***: Within 10 hours

Resolution Target**: 5 Business Days


  • Network Printer Down (single user impact)
  • Application Errors
  • Desktop System Performance slow
  • Minor Equipment Failure (able to find alternative)
  • Database/Server/Application Access Changes
  • Create new user account
  • User data integrity issue
  • Create new user account or grant access to an IT system.


Requests for changes to Major Services.

Initial Response Target Within Business Hours***: Within 8 Business Days

Resolution Target**: As Scheduled (Determined between ITS & Customer)


  • Software upgrade effecting > 10 users
  • Server Hardware upgrades
  • Server Software upgrades

None (projects, research)

Requires Software development. Providing New or additional IT Services. Involves Project teams.

Initial Response Target Within Business Hours***: 20 Business Days to assess scope of assistance required

Resolution Target**: No fixed time and will be evaluated against resources available


  • Project requests
  • Work orders or request that requires > 35 hours of work
  • Investigations or Research
  • Non Standard requests for services or information

* Off hours Urgent Incidents should be reported to Security. Security will escalate to ITS.

** Resolution time will vary depending on the nature of the issue and need for follow up or escalation. Certain policies will take precedence over these published resolution times such as lab updates where a separate ITS policy is already in place.

***Business Hours: Monday-Friday (8:00am-4:00pm)