What type of research is completed at CNC?

You may have a research “project” that studies an issue, researches possible advancements and/or solutions, or you may have one that involves surveys and focus groups to get data on specific areas. If you are faculty, it may be a classroom based research project that is part of the curriculum. Below are some research projects that have been undertaken at CNC: (Insert a list/collage of some completed projects).

What do we believe researchers can benefit from by engaging in research at CNC?

For Faculty / Staff 
Faculty are integral part of research at CNC. Use your expertise, knowledge and experience to engage students, keep pace with industry developments by participating in a research project. Have a research project you want to do yourself?

For Students - Gain a competitive edge in the workplace 
As a student it can be hard to find work experience to apply your program related knowledge. Participating in a research project as part of your course work or as a paid Student Research Assistant, can give you a competitive advantage in the workplace. You’ll gain real world hands-on experience while working side-by-side with our faculty, research associates and industry partners. If you are interested in becoming involved with the College of New Caledonia on a research project, please contact us at: reb@cnc.bc.ca 

Who makes up the REB members and what do they do?

The Research Ethics Board (REB) is made up of 6 CNC faculty and directors and one external community member. The committee meets most months to review and discuss research applications. The committee will then determine their decision which can range from approved, approved conditionally or not approved. The members of the REB are chosen based on the following:

The REB shall consist of at least five (5) members of whom:

  1. Three (3) members have expertise and on-going experience in relevant research disciplines, fields, and methodologies covered by the REB;
  2. One (1) member is an expert in ethics;
  3. One (1) member is knowledgeable in relevant law (but that member should not be CNC’s legal counsel or risk manager);
  4. At least two (2) members who are CNC faculty; and
  5. At least one (1) community member who has no current affiliation with the institution.

If the review of the proposal is approved, a letter of congratulation will be issued confirming that you can commence with the research. If the proposal is approved conditionally, it generally means that your proposal is sound but needs some minor amendments which the committee will outline for you. This also often means that you will not be required to re-submit your application, but rather just bring the amended version to the Centre for Teaching and Learning and they will contact the Chair directly indicating that your changes have been made appropriately and the letter of acceptance will then be issued. If your proposal is not approved, the committee will outline the issues they have and you will be given an opportunity to re-write the proposal and re-submit at the next available scheduled REB meeting.

Who is eligible to apply to do a research project?

Anyone connected to the College of New Caledonia as either a student, a staff member, or a faculty member can make a research project application. Rules and processes around each may differ slightly:- for instance, a student research application must also have an approved supervisor attached to their project who can offer advice and guidance. Faculty and staff can also have partners that do not necessarily have to be part of CNC. They can be from other Colleges and Universities and can be out of Province. There are also some different forms for different groups, all of which are available on the “Forms” page

Meeting Schedule

The REB Committee has dates of its meetings set in advance along with the dates by which your application must be submitted in order for it to be placed on the agenda for the next available meeting. Meeting dates and application deadlines for Spring 2019 are as follows:

Application Deadlines
February 25, 2019
March 25, 2019
April 29, 2019

Meeting Dates
March 6, 2019
April 3, 2019
May 8, 2019

Need Assistance?

If, after going through the REB web site you still need assistance; for instance, if you are not sure if you need a supervisor or are unsure if a partner you are considering is appropriate, or you are not sure what forms you need to complete, please contact the REB Coordinator at reb@cnc.bc.ca