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Internationalization Grants

The Intercultural Grants program helps CNC employees foster intercultural learning to benefit the CNC community. The grants program is part of the College’s internationalization efforts to provide meaningful opportunities for all members of the CNC community to develop a greater sense of global citizenship and a deeper appreciation of the rich diversity of our campus communities.

College employees are invited to submit brief proposals for grant funding that meet the following program objectives:

  • To contribute to internationalization efforts at CNC
  • To enhance intercultural understanding among students and employees
  • To contribute a global or international perspective to the wider campus community
  • To provide employees and students the opportunity to build intercultural competencies and skills


1. Faculty/Staff – Globalizing the Campus: domestic and international travel with the purpose of:

  • Improve the academic and campus live for international students through initiatives fostering intercultural understanding among students, faculty and staff
  • Implement international components into curriculum
  • Attend conferences about International Education and Campus Internationalization

2. Faculty/Staff Exchange with International Partners: involves projects where CNC faculty and/or staff travels to one of CNC’s international partners and participates in activities that will enhance personal international experience and knowledge and foster relations between CNC and its partner institutions: deliver training outside Canada, work on developing opportunities for CNC students to engage in study abroad opportunities.

3. Collaborative Research: supports CNC faculty and staff involved in research to travel for existing and future research projects that either involve working cooperatively with scholars abroad and/or cover a research topic with an international component: conducting joint research projects, establishing joint research centers, or coauthoring publications.

Program Guidelines

In addition to the program goals listed above proposals should demonstrate long-term impacts within the CNC community and engagement of new areas/divisions of the College with little or no prior involvement in internationalization activities. Grant applications will be selected based on alignment with program goals. The Internationalization Grants program has an annual budget of $10,000 per academic year. Selected projects will be awarded up to a maximum of $2,500 each.

Application Process

Application forms are available through the CNC International Education website and should be supplemented with supporting documentation such as brochures, agendas, itineraries, contacts etc. where necessary. There will be two calls for proposals each academic year. Applications received by the appropriate deadline will be reviewed by a selection committee with representatives from faculty, operational and administrative staff.

Application Deadlines:

  • October 30th (for activities taking place between November and March)
  • March 31st (for activities taking place between April and October)

Applicants must be regular employees of CNC and must have a minimum .5FE appointment. Individual and group applications are welcome.

Eligible Activities

Eligible activities can include:

  • Activities or events that foster inter-cultural interactions and celebrate the diversity of our campus communities · Activities or events that raise awareness of global issues within the CNC community and foster engagement or action
  • Activities or events that engage the CNC community in thinking or acting globally
  • Participation in a field school or Study Abroad program to build capacity for future Study Abroad program developments
  • Short-term visits/exchanges with overseas partner institutions to encourage international cooperation and cultural exchange opportunities
  • Participation in workshops, courses or conferences that will enhance internationalization efforts for the benefit of the CNC community
  • Purchase of resources/materials to enhance intercultural learning opportunities within the CNC community
  • Development or re-design of courses to incorporate international and intercultural learning outcomes (may include purchase of new teaching/learning resources)
  • Presentation of an internationalization initiative at a conference/meeting/event
  • Research and preparatory activities to develop new Study Abroad programs

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