Tips for Participating in a CNC Virtual Town Hall Videoconference

When you login into the session, you will see a welcome slide and your audio will be placed on ‘mute’.

Since it can be difficult to hear if everyone is unmuted, the session moderator will mute everyone at the beginning of the session, and at select intervals. Opportunities for questions and comments will be announced during the session, and participants will be unmuted by the moderator. If you also have muted yourself, you will need to unmute yourself when the moderator unmutes you. 

For crisper audio, connect your device or computer to headphones if you have them. This is not a requirement, but headphones help cancel outside noise.

Pick the view that works best for you. There are three views –

  • People View,
  • Speaker View, and
  • Gallery View

Try them out and pick the one that you prefer.  

To change the view:

  • Use the icons on the bottom left corner (if you signed on from a computer)
  • Click on the … icon near the bottom of your screen (if you signed on from a device or mobile phone)

Joining a BlueJeans Videoconference Session

Many of you might already use BlueJeans, but for those of you who need an introduction or refresher, these tips and links can help you make a smooth transition to using this tool.  

You don’t need a BlueJeans account to participate in a CNC Virtual Town Hall session, but please check that your technology meets the minimum technical requirements to join the session via videoconference.

The BlueJeans Support page provides useful video tutorials and articles to help you become more comfortable with BlueJeans features and controls.

How to Join the Session by Computer or Device

A day before the session you will receive an email that contains all the information you need to join and participate in the session.

The easiest way to join is to simply click on the URL. Or you can ‘join a meeting’ by inputting the Meeting ID on the BlueJeans website or app.

Learn how to join a meeting through this support video and article.

If you join the session, but experience audio or video issues, please visit the BlueJeans support page for audio and video troubleshooting advice.

How to Join the Session by Phone

You are welcome to participate in the session by phone using the dial-in information located in the BlueJeans meeting request:

  • From a mobile phone or landline, dial the number found in the email and you will be prompted to enter the BlueJeans Meeting ID number, which is also found in the email