Planning and Accountability

The integrated Planning and Accountability Model encompasses the following, and is based on the mandate provided to the College by the provincial government through the College & Institutes Act and annual mandate letters:

Mission Statement
Values Statement
Vision Statement

Education Plan
Strategic Plan
Divisional/Department Plans
College-Wide Plans
Budget Allocation Process

The College Executive and the Board recognize that as we are beginning a new model of integrated planning, more closely linking budget and accountability with the various plans, the 2016–2020 cycle will come in stages. CNC now has an updated Vision, Values, and Strategic Plan, and will be developing the Education Plan and College-Wide Plans, including the Aboriginal Education Plan and the Digital Delivery Instruction Plan. In fiscal 2017-2018 the budget and resource allocation processes will align with the College-Wide and Divisional Plans in support of the larger plans. In 2018-2019 we will review the entire planning and accountability model with various stakeholders to refine it, and identify what work needs to be done prior to the development of the next five year planning series.