Strategic Direction #5: Community Engagement

Ensure active connections to community by ensuring those connected to the college are engaged with and informed of college activities.

The college is committed to developing, maintaining, and improving relationships with the communities it serves. The strategic planning process identified areas for development and CNC is committed to ensuring open lines of communication with communities in our region, with Aboriginal communities, and with our educational and industry partners. Ensuring positive, constructive, and mutually beneficial relationships exist in all parts of the region is key to linking educational delivery to community need.


  • Develop a comprehensive Communications plan to support strong relationships and timely and relevant engagement.
  • Increase communication with students, Aboriginal communities, employers, industry groups, employees, and others to ensure those connected to the college are involved with CNC’s decisions and activities.
  • Increase community participation on CNC’s Program Advisory Committees to ensure courses and programs are relevant and meeting the needs of communities and employers.
  • Continue to build relationships with and be accountable to communities for educational goals.
  • Establish an integrated communications approach, utilizing timely and creative channels.


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