Public Submission Template for CNC Budget Consideration

2022-2023 Fiscal Year

This template is provided to assist members of the public with submission of an idea for consideration in the development of the College of New Caledonia’s (CNC) 2022/2023 budget. Please provide all required information in the fields that are highlighted in gold, to the best of your knowledge.

In order to be considered by the Board and management within CNC’s budget development process, requests must align with the College’s mandate and strategic plan.

Explain the problem/issue that will be resolved or opportunity that will be created
Explain how this request supports CNC’s strategic goals or mandate, be as specific as you can
Explain how this proposal will benefit CNC
Explain any disadvantages or risks
Provide your best estimate for the budget required to support this proposal
Add any additional information that you would like the Board to receive
Please attach additional supporting documentation if applicable (i.e.: labour market demand information, evidence of successful implementation at other colleges, case study, etc.).

Completed forms will be submitted to CNC’s Board of Governors for their review. Submissions are for consideration only, and may or may not be approved to move forward in the College’s budget process.

Thank you for your participation.