Health Sciences

Please note that not all of the following information will apply to every student.


There will be no in-person orientation this semester. Instead, an online orientation will be offered on our orientation page. Individual programs may offer their own orientation, so keep an eye on your email for more information.


Health Sciences Cultural Workshop

There will not be a mandatory Health Science Cultural Workshop this year, however the content of the workshop will be incorporated into an appropriate first year course in each program.

Provincially Mandated Placement Prerequisites

Students should try to meet all placement prerequisites during the pandemic. This may require students act long before their placement start date due to limited availability of supplies or services. Please tell your program coordinator about any significant barriers to meeting prerequisites. The College will then work with Northern Health’s Student Practice Education team to

  1. seek an alternative placement opportunity that does not require the prerequisite or
  2. to determine if regulations and/or governing bodies can permit a temporary waiver of the prerequisite.

Students must self disclose the status of these requirements to their Instructors or Program Coordinators.


Those who can't meet this requirement before the first clinical rotation will be exempt. You will still be expected to meet the requirement as the training becomes available.

Students who have not taken CPR can do the online course (Heart & Stroke Interim Courses & Virtual Offerings During COVID-19)

For students who have already achieved this requirement in the last 12 months, the expiry date can be extended by 1 year.

N95 Mask Fit Testing 

The yearly requirement for fit testing will be temporarily changed to two years.

Students who have not been fit tested will be exempt until further notice or until testing resumes. For students who have been fit tested in the last 12 months, expiry dates will be temporarily extended by 1 year.

Fit testing will be prioritized to ensure the safety of students during their clinical experience.  If this is required, you will be notified by the Dean’s office.

Tuberculosis Testing

TB testing will be exempt for those who are unable to achieve that requirement before the first clinical rotation.  However, you will still be expected to meet this requirement eventually, as the testing becomes available.

Students should always apply proper infection prevention and control procedures and utilize appropriate personal protective equipment, regardless of being tested.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Health authorities are responsible to provide Personal Protective Equipment for students and clinical instructors.

New PPE Champions at Northern Health:

Homemade Masks and Gowns

Students are NOT allowed to wear homemade gowns or cloth masks during their practice experience.  However, cloth masks will be required in many face to face labs held at CNC; each program will provide further information during orientation.

Personal protective Equipment FAQs